Monday, October 22, 2012

11 month update!!

We are now 11 months old and into EVERYTHING!!!  We are having to put locks on all the cabinets to keep Evan out.  He pulls things out of every cabinet he can reach...then Emma joins in on playing with the goodies Evan pulls out.  It is funny because that is exactly what Katie & I did.  I would pull things out, then Katie would play with them.  What's going on with us right now...well Emma is sick again.  We went to the doctor Monday after 20 days of antibiotics trying to clear up the double ear infections and her ears were FINALLY clear.  Just in time because we were almost going to be referred to the ENT doctor.  Then, this Friday...their 11 month birthday...Emma started running a fever again.  I just knew it was from another ear infection but we went to the doctor today and they were clear.  YAY!!!  The doctor said it was probably something viral and she should be fine within 72 hours.  The more I think about it, I wonder if she isn't cutting more teeth.  She is drooling a lot again.  She still only has the one tooth on the bottom but you can see the tooth beside it underneath the gums.  It should be coming through soon.  At the doctor this morning...Emma weighed in at 21.2 lbs.  She is still only taking a few steps at a time.  But she's working on it.  I bought her her first pair of shoes this weekend.  It's Keds and they look adorable on her little feet.  She isn't quite sure what to think about these shoes.  Pictures of that to come along with our 11 month photo session.  Now for Evan...My sweet boy is also WALKING!!!  He decided to take a few steps Sunday at my parents.  He was just waiting for everyone to be there to watch him reach this milestone!  I'm not sure of his weight.  Probably around 25 lbs...but since he hasn't been to the doctor recently we don't know for sure.  He still only has the 4 teeth too but he is also drooling A we are expecting new teeth any day now!!   As for their first birthday party...the invitations are here and they are SOOO cute!!  Katie & I have the menu, layout, and lots of other small details all planned for the big day!!  Daddy already has the wagon for the hayride ready!  We are going to take a test ride this coming week to make sure we have all the details down pat!  Matt is working on maybe getting me a tent reserved from the Burton we are making progress!  I have their Halloween outfits complete.  They are going to be pumpkins!  These pumpkins outfits are the cutest things ever!!  My sweet babies are going to make the cutest little pumpkins!!  I have also made them an appointment with the Real Santa to have their pictures made.  We go Dec. 5th and I am SUPER excited about this!!  More to come on all of that in time.  Just some sneak peeks of future posts.  Hope you will continue to follow!!

Happy 11 Months!!
Where did my babies go??  They are growing too fast!!
Happy 11 Months!!

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