Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week 15

It's a boy and a girl!!  We went yesterday to Wee See Imaging in Columbia to have our gender ultrasound.  Right from the beginning Baby "A", which we can now call Evan, was very cooperative.  It didn't take the lady long at all to figure out what he was.  I don't think he is going to be shy at all!!  Baby "B", which we can now call Emma, was a completely different story.  She refused to uncross her legs for us to see!  The ultrasound lady tried everything she could to get Emma to move.  Evan even tried to help by kicking her in the head.  Finally she must have gotten aggrevated enough because she flipped over.  The whole experience was absolutley amazing to see.  It is so hard to believe all that is going on inside of me and I don't feel a thing! Evan's heart beat was 143 beats per minute and Emma's was 150 beats per minute.  As you can tell we are pretty sure their names will be Emma and Evan, but we are still working on middle names.  I am still sticking with Emma Caroline Turner and Evan Morris Turner...but Justin isn't fully on board.  He hasn't come up with any suggestions on his own my names will probably stick!! :)  Our reveal party didn't happen like we had hoped it would.  We got really discouraging news about my grandpa this week and I didn't feel that it would be appropraite for us to be having a party while he was in the hospital so sick.  Katie did make us some boy and girl cupcakes and just my family met at the hospital for us to tell them so that we could include Papa.  I had refused to talk to any of them all day because I didn't want to somehow give it away as to what the babies were...but I couldn't help smiling when we walked into Papa's room.  Me & Justin even practiced my serious face before we went in...but it didn't work.  Katie already knew one of them was a boy because Justin slipped up on the phone with her and said "him".  He tried to correct himself...but Katie had already heard him.  I got everyone to make their predictions as to what they thought the babies were.  Daddy, Alison, Katie, and Papa all said boy and girl.  Matt said two boys and momma said two girls.  So, I went first and took a blue cupcake...since Katie knew one of them was a boy and Justin was supposed to take the second cupcake.  He tried to trick them by going for a blue one too...but he picked up a pink cupcake.  They were all so excited for us.  While I showed them the pictures and video...Justin called all his family and some of our friends to fill them in.  Before we left Columbia, I made my first baby purchases.  We stopped at Belk to see if I could find some more dresses because they are just easy to wear right now, and we bought each baby a cute little onesie!  Since I now know what they are, I can start buying clothes!!  So, I had to take those to the hospital too and show everyone.  I think we are going to order our furniture this week because we have got to get on the ball!  I hope to have their nursery ready soon, just in case I do end up on bed rest or something.  Justin has been great with everything but I don't know how well he will be at decorating the nursery!  Wednesday starts week 16, and I am still having morning sickness.  I still haven't gained all my weight back yet, but I am getting close.  I know I am eating for 3 now...but good Lord I feel like I am starving all the time!!  That is about all for this week.  We are so excited that we are having a boy and a girl.  We definitely feel that God had blessed us beyond measure.  We couldn't ask for anything more!!
Me & Justin after finding out it was a boy and a girl! 

The boy & girl cupcakes Katie made!

Me holding the girl cupcake and Justin the boy cupcake!

Matt, Katie, and Daddy wearing their pink and blue!

Me & Justin with Papa!

The rest of the family at the reveal party!!

My first baby purchases!!

Me at 15 weeks!

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