Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 14

Here we are at 14 weeks.  My new week actually starts on Wednesday but I thought Sunday's would be easier for posting.  We just got back from the beach with "The Babb's and Goff's".  Baby "A" and Baby "B" have already spent several days at the beach and didn't even know it.  We can only imagine what next year's vacation will be like!  Today is also Father's Day.  I bought Justin two "Clemson" onesie's...that he loves.  I told him that took a lot for me to spend my money on Clemson outfits for my babies!  Althought I am pretty sure he will influence them to be Clemson fans like their Daddy!  We spent most of the day celebrating with my dad and then at the hospital with my grandpa.  I am so lucky to have 3 wonderful men in my life!! We go Saturday to Wee See Imaging in Columbia to find out if Baby "A" & "B" are she's, he's, or one of each.  We can't wait to find out.  It is a little early.  Normally they do ultrasounds at 16 weeks and I will only be 15 weeks 4 days, but they seem to think they will be able to tell.  We have decided to do a reveal party to let our family and friends all find out at the same time what the babies will be.  Katie is helping me plan.  We are still working on it but next week's post will be sure to have all the details.  Morning sickness (or rather just sickness because it isn't just in the morning) is still around.  I do feel that it is getting better but I was hoping the day I turned 14 weeks that it would be gone.  No such luck.  At my last doctor's appointment I still hadn't gained any weight.  I actually lost about 6 lbs in the beginning and still haven't gained that back yet.  My stomach is measuring 16 cm at 14 weeks but I was told that is normal for twins.  I am going to try to post pictures but since I am still new to this...they may not ever show up!  We have a couple names picked out but only if the twins are a boy and a girl.  It will either be Olivia and Owen or Emma and Evan.  Justin really likes Emma and Evan so that will probably be the ones we pick, if they happen to be a boy and girl.    Emma is a family name on my mom's side and I just think Evan goes good with Emma.  My dad's middle name is Morris, so we are thinking Evan Morris Turner.  Still no definite middle name for Emma.  I kind of like Emma Caroline Turner but that isn't set in stone.  My goal this week is to pick out two girl names and two boy names.  I would like to be able to tell their names at the reveal party.  May not happen but I am going to try.  Justin isn't much help.  The only name he will say he likes is Justin Curtis Turner, Jr. and that isn't an option!  He really hasn't been too picky about the names I come up with.  I have picked out the baby furniture that I want but we still haven't ordered it.  We are working on moving all our guest room furniture back to the small bedroom.  With two babies and two of everything...we needed the larger room.  I will also try to post pictures later on of the nursery's progress! That is pretty much it for now.

Justin's Father's Day present from the twins!

Me at 14 weeks.  Starting to show some.  It still looks like fat instead of babies...but I am sure that will change soon!!

Our last beach trip as a family of two!!

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